Exterior Heidis Jazz Club

Heidi's Jazz Club has been the number one hangout for jazz lovers and jazz musicians on Florida's Space Coast since Heidi and Eddie opened the club in 1992. We feature live music every Wednesday through Sunday with featured performers on selected Friday and Saturday evenings and Heidi's Open Jam Session every Sunday evening.

The paintings on display in the Heidelberg restaurant and Heidi's Jazz Club are for sale. Contact the artist or ask at Heidi's. The artists are: Sooz Momofuku, Phyllis Shipley, Brian DowdallKurt Zimmerman, and Tony Sasso

General Hours of Operation

Heidelberg & Patio:
Wed - Fri. 4pm - 11pm.,
Sat 11am - 11pm , Sun 5pm. - 11pm.
Jazz Club:  
Wed - Fri 4pm - 11pm,
Sat 11am - 11 pm,  Sun 5pm - 11pm.


Valerie Gillespie
Valerie Gillespie
June 12
(Sat) 7-11pm
Open Jam Sessions
Jam Session w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
Daniel Tenbusch Quartet
Daniel Tenbusch
June 9, 16 & 23
(Wed) 7-pm-10pm
Sybil Gage
Sybil Gage photo
(regular) 7-10pm
Steve Kirsner
Steve Kirsner
Fridays 6-10pm
if special show
after, 5-8pm.
Hella ayelet gal
Hella ayelet gal
w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
June 5 & 19
July 3 & 31
(Sat.) 7-11pm
Ron Teixeira Trio
The Ron Teixeira Trio at Heidi's Jazz Club
Don Alexander
Don Alexander
w/ Alley Gators Trio
June 30
(Wed) 7pm-10pm
Bob Coleman Quartet
Bob Coleman Quartet
July 7
(Wed) 7pm - 11pm
Allan Harris Quartet
Allan Harris Quartet
July 30
(Fri) 8:30pm - 11:30pm