Steve Kirsner & Friends 6-9pm on Wednesdays

Steve Kirsner & Friends at Heidi's Jazz Club. 

Join Steve and friends Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm 
that are not otherwise scheduled (vacation, thanksgiving, special performance etc..)


Pianist Steve Kirsner has provided many happy hours at Heidi’s Jazz Club over the years. Steve started entertaining at age seven when he wowed his 2nd grade class by playing “Swanee River” and he has been going strong ever since. At age 15, he started playing professionally as part of a high school ensemble, through dental school at pizza joint gigs, and later, during his military service, at the Eglin Air Force Base Officer’s Club. Steve and friends always deliver a lively, engaging performance.

Steve Kirsner
Music charges for special performances, regular perfomances may not include—All ticket sales final
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