Ron Teixeira Trio, Fridays & Saturdays


We are closed for our annual Employee Vacation
September 2nd - September 24th, 2019

The Heidi’s Jazz Club and the Heidelberg Restaurant Cocoa Beach is closed.   Aug 31st - Sept 1st closed early due to Hurricane Dorian and for our 2019 vacation Monday Sept. 2nd through Tuesday Sept. 24th so that our employees have the opportunity to enjoy a vacation with their families. We are thankful for your business and look forward to
seeing you when we reopen Wednesday September 25th.


20150315-sunday-jam_heidis-jazz-club-cocoa-beach_florida-a_800x450.jpgRon Teixeira Trio
at Heidi's Jazz Club

Ron Teixeira is a regular performer and has played many years at Heidi's Jazz Club in his hometown of Coca Beach, Florida. Ron attended the renown Berklee College of Music in Boston, and received his BA degree in Composition. He then went to New York City and played at the midtown hotels and many jazz venues for 20 years. A gifted musician he has a strong following among students he has taught in his studio, as they have advanced their careers. He has performed with a long list of celebrated jazz musicians, including Frank Morgan, Bert Francis, Larry Coryell, Nancy Kelly, Pat Marino, Ira Sullivan and many other national and internationally recognized jazz artists.

Ron and his band are usually the lead band on Fridays and Saturdays that are not otherwise scheduled for special performances.
(house musician)

The times are
8:30pm - 12 on Fridays
and from
8:00pm to 12 on Saturdays.

Ron Teixeira Trio - at Jazz at Heidi's Jazz Club most weekends and more
Music charges for special performances, regular perfomances may not include—All ticket sales final
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