Miss Jacqueline Jones

ms-jackie-jones-whitedress.jpgJacqueline Jones with the Ron Teixeiro Trio

SHOWTIME:  Friday November 22nd 2019   8:30pm -12


Miss Jacqueline Jones—

Captivating audiences with her voice, wit and showmanship comes naturally for the dynamic JACQUELINE JONES. At an early age, Jackie's heart was captured by the overwhelming desire to entertain, and when the talented Miss Jones is on stage -- whether in song or in playful banter with the audience -- her devotion to the fine art of entertaining shines through.  She knows that by singing the blues you can overcome them and has overcome medical issues and tragic family loss.  "I want people to understand," says Vicky Bell, the singer's business manager. "Every time they look at Jackie, they're seeing a miracle."

If you like a little music with your entertainment Jacqueline Jones has it all! She mixes all sorts of style elements and makes them work! There's a little vamp, a touch of class, a bit of trash, and a lot of love ... Jacqueline truly enjoys her audience and her music!



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Miss Jacqueline Jones
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