Maria Rivas

maria-handup.jpgMaria Rivas at Heidi's Jazz Club

SHOWTIME:   May 26th 2018, Saturday 8pm - 12

Maria skillfully combines American and Latin Jazz rhythms with lively yet sentimental music from around the world. She interprets her music in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and performs her own blend of traditional standards as well as music and lyrics she has composed herself. Her unique sound is an intoxicating combination of indigenous, Caribbean, European, and African strains, with classic American jazz, and just the right splash of Brazilian and Latin accents. From slow and sensuous, to very lively with a strong beat, her audiences love alternately to dance to her music, or sit and listen while being both moved and energized. A significant number of her audience members have described her performances as “magical”--their word.

Maria Rivas at Heidi's Jazz Club May 26th 2018
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