Troy "SATCHMO' Anderson

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  Troy Anderson, Trumpet player Extrodinaire started out playing the Trumpet at early age of 10, growing up in a Bahamian family filled with musicians is where Mr Anderson got his taste for music, starting with his church Brass Bands,The Florida Sunshine Band, and the Gospel Sounds. He went on to proceed with the teachings in middle school and high school and thats where he was introduced to the world of Drum and Bugle corps. Mr.Anderson performed with the Florida Vanguards where he learned how to be a team player as a lead soprano player/soloist, and was exposed to performing in front of thousands of screaming fans,thats when he was introduced to the Bayonne Bridgemen Drum &Bugle corps, the Greatest Drum Corp to ever perform on the field,thats where he was taught showmanship as a lead soprano player by some of the greatest instructors in Drum Corps history. to know a Bridgemen, is to love one. and goes on to say about Mr. Anderson. After his years with the Bridgemen, Mr Anderson Enlisted in the U.S Army as a Paratrooper,, and some how as luck would have it,he found himself performing on stage again, this time with 2nd AD(Fwd)Jazz Band in Germany. and thats where he fell in love with Louis Armstrong. he even played with a German Dixieland band, playing all of sacthmo's music,pleasing the crowds with every performance. He had the opportunity to perform for many high ranking Officials, he was requested by the Command Seargent Major of the U.S Army to put together a show of nothing but Louis Armstrong's greatest hits. Now, this was a problem, Mr. Anderson was known throughout Germany for playing like pops, but singing, that was a different story, but as it would be, standing ovations, the Bridgemen in him took control. as life's adversity's step in, Mr Anderson put the horn down to deal with what life was throwing at him. For ten years the desire burned in his soul to play the Trumpet again, but he was told by doctors he would never be able to play again, but your dealing with a Bridgemen, Now Mr.Anderson is playing again.

Troy 'SATCHMO' Anderson