Linda Cole

- excerpt from Linda's website:

 Linda has sung professionally since she was 3 years old.  Her family group, "The Singing Coles" are a part of Illinois music history.  They began with religious songs, then added popular music to their programs.
     The Cole family made their mark in the U.S. music scene.  Linda branched out into rhythm and blues.  She was known in the famous Detroit MoTown appearing with such groups as The Spinners, Count Basie, and many others.

     Linda is acknowledged as having the "smoothest voice" in the business.  She is currently appearing in jazz spots, night clubs and restaurants throughout the Southeastern U.S.  She continues to mentor the young and choirs.

     Most important, Linda was there when the great songs were written.  She can talk about the authors first hand, and has the original scores, many written just for her.