Kenny Watson

Kenny started violin lessons when he entered the first grade at age 6 in Madera, Ca. Although Kenny wanted to play the shiny trumpet, he was quickly informed that is mohter had alreqady called the school and chosen the violin for him.

Even though the violin wasn't his first choice, by the sixth grade he was inthe Fresno Kiwanis Youth Sympohony for two years, and by seventh grade he added the Fresno Philharmonic which he continued to be a member throught his senior year in high school.

During his four year touring with the Marine Band and Marine Jazz Band, Kenny added tuba, clarinet, bass clarinet and upright bass.

Soon after his tour was up, he added trumpet and banjo to his repertoire to help with college tuition while attending Fulleron College.

Kenny performed for several years in Las Vega and has recorded with "Lynard Skynard" at Capricorn studios for Warner Brothers Records.

Through the years the addition of Mandolin, trumpet, guitar, have made him a popular choice for over 22 years as a multi-instrumentalist on many different cruise lines and corporate conventions under the name of "Professor Watson." Kenny has shared his music in 52 countries, 48 states and 7 provinces.

As "Professor Watson", Kenny's high energy, change of pace of music, instruments and characters keeps audiences of all ages on the edge of their seat, waiting fo the next amazing musical accomplishment ranging from the classics, to Oscar winning movie themes like "Titanic" and film classics usch as "Ghost."  Of course Kenny stays current withthe high energy of the "Dave Mathews Band", "Stevie Wonder", and timeless hits by "Elvis", to name a fiew. And he always features the jazz styling of "Stephane Grappelli."

To jazz, his first love in music, the nuances of the 5 string violin have added depth, character and color to Kenny's performances. The unique sounds he brings to his audiences have been applauded the world over.

Kenny has also helped to bring joy and hope to a group he cares about by doing two benefits for MS at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen CO where audiences not only loved the music but bid on an artist rendering painted during the show to assist the MS research foundation. Kenny is looking forward to assisting this group again.

Kenny "the Professor" Watson