Vocalese Giacomo Gates

— excerpt from wikipedia:

Giacomo Gates is an American jazz vocalist. He works to interpret old jazz standards, practices vocalese singing, and is active in jazz education. He teaches regularly at Wesleyan University, the Hartford Conservatory of Music, and New Haven’s Neighborhood Music School He has scat sung some famous instrumental solos in his performances and tries to copy the sounds of instruments-flutes, trombones, or even drums. Renowned jazz singer Sarah Vaughn was one of his mentors.

— Will Friedwald, The New York Sun.

Mr. Gates is a solid example of a performer who is doing something that no one else does. He evokes an age (that I would hope is not so terribly bygone) when musicians were entertainers and entertainers were musicians, and a sense of humor was as important as a sense of rhythm.

FYI: "Vocalese is a style or genre of jazz singing wherein words are sung to melodies that were originally part of an all-instrumental composition or improvisation."


Giacomo Gates