Connor Mahoney

Pianist Connor Mahoney is an accomplished pianist and composer and considers himself fortunate to have learned to play from top performers, including Ron Teixeira and Kenny Clarke while growing up on the Space Coast. He is a well-known face at the piano playing regularly with diverse groups such as the Cosmic Jazz Ensemble led by trumpeter and former astronaut Winston Scott, as well as Louisiana phenomena Sybil Gage and Her Merry Band of Royal Catahoulas.


Quote from musician's website:

I am fascinated by the power words have to persuade, inspire, and unite people from vastly different walks of life. The Scriptures tell us that everything we perceive in this world was created by the word of God. The very colors through which our eyes make sense of the world were painted by God. Being made in his image, it’s no wonder that every great achievement of mankind was created in a similar manner; a shared vision communicated by skilled, or divinely inspired, orators. Words, when composed just right, can shake nations. Words start wars, inflame passions, and deceive the masses. But when spoken in love, words can bring light to those that sit in darkness and cause them to forsake everything they once held dear in pursuit of the truth.

The synergistic power of words and music are undeniable. Music can bypass the mind and convey feelings and inner thoughts like no other art form. When used to enhance a message the energy is bombastic. My music roots can be traced back to my childhood growing up in Melbourne, FL playing keys in church and writing songs with friends. In 2014, I was honored to be selected as a co-winner of the Musical Exchange Songwriters Challenge hosted by the Carnegie Hall Weill Institute. The exchange afforded me the opportunity to network and learn from both professional and amateur songwriters to better hone my skills.

I continued to study music alongside my business studies at Florida Institute of Technology and was an active member of the Florida Tech Jazz Band and Jazz Syndicate. During this time, I was pleasured to continue to write and record songs, perform in the local community, and score several short film projects along the way. Recently, a score of mine was selected to be showcased at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival.