Musicians Featured at Heidi's Jazz Club

Special musicians perform for special occasions.


Nicole Henry

— excerpt from bio:

Nicole Henry has firmly established herself as one of the most acclaimed entertainers in jazz.  Her powerfully expressive voice and her soulful, sophisticated and uplifting energy has earned her three top 10 albums.  Adding to her vocal talents, Nicole’s beauty and on-stage rapport combines confidence, sincerity and a touch of sass, confirming her as an all-around beguiling performer to audiences in over 15 countries.

Vocalese Giacomo Gates

— excerpt from wikipedia:

Giacomo Gates is an American jazz vocalist. He works to interpret old jazz standards, practices vocalese singing, and is active in jazz education. He teaches regularly at Wesleyan University, the Hartford Conservatory of Music, and New Haven’s Neighborhood Music School He has scat sung some famous instrumental solos in his performances and tries to copy the sounds of instruments-flutes, trombones, or even drums. Renowned jazz singer Sarah Vaughn was one of his mentors.


Joe Goldberg is a graduate of the FSU College of Music where he majored in jazz saxophone.

Dave Frishberg

— excerpt from Dave's website bio:

 Dave Frishberg has enjoyed a career remarkable for both its quality and its diversity. Long known as one of the outstanding pianists in jazz, Frishberg has also established himself as an internationally recognized composer and lyricist as well as a solo performer with a loyal following.

Johnny Frigo

— excerpt from wikipedia:

Frigo was born in Chicago, Illinois, and studied violin for only three years beginning at age 7. In high school he started to play double bass in dance orchestras, and would continue his career as a bassist for several decades. In 1942 he played with Chico Marx's orchestra and did a comedy routine on violin with Marx on piano. He entered the United States Coast Guard during World War II only to find himself playing in a band on Ellis Island with Al Haig and Kai Winding.

Noel Freidline

— excerpt from Noel's bio on his website:

Noel Freidline is a 1991 graduate of the University of North Florida, BA in Music (magna cum laude).  A pianist, vocalist, writer and arranger, Noel has been the leader of his own group since 1991.  

Phil Flanigan

— excerpt from TheJazzCorner website:

Phil Flanigan, born on June 28, 1956, left his home town, Geneva, New York, at the age of 17 with the intention of playing with jazz greats in New York City. Two years later, he was doing just that. His father's record collection had provided an early exposure to the sounds of the giants of jazz, and his early performances with Scott Hamilton and Roy Eldridge provided the training.


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