Musicians Featured at Heidi's Jazz Club

Special musicians perform for special occasions.


Frank Morgan

—excerpt from wikipedia"

Frank Morgan (December 23, 1933 - December 14, 2007) was a jazz saxophonist with a career spanning more than 50 years.[1] He mainly played alto saxophone but also played soprano saxophone. He was known as a Charlie Parker successor who primarily played bebop and ballads.


Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Reverend Billy C. Wirtz  is an American blues musician, comedian and writer. His material consists of irreverent comedy routines set to music. He is also a historian, researching the evolution of Black popular music after WW2. Rev Billy has played all over the world, opening for Bob Dylan, ZZ Top and dozens more.

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz. In his own words:

Turk Mauro

—excerpt from Concord Music Group:

Mauro brings impassioned warmth and consummate swing to the CD's ten tracks half of them his own compositions. He singles out Dr. Lonnie Smith's work on the Jobim song "Someone to Light Up My Life": "There's an aura about him.... He's very creative and very inspiring to play with."

Ronnie Leigh

—excerpt from website bio:

Jazz In The City’s founder and artistic director, Ronnie Leigh, has been impressing audiences for years from Syracuse to Seattle, and from New York City to Istanbul, giving the bands he has performed with leadership and a distinctive flare.

Simone Kopmajer

—excerpts from website:

Talking about Simone Kopmajer means talking about one of the most internationally successful contemporary jazz musicians from Austria. Not many in her métier can claim to have played concerts across the planet. There aren’t many stages in Europe the 15-year veteran from Styria hasn’t stood upon. Her expressive and sensitive voice has graced 11 albums and she performed for a loyal fanbase on tours in the US, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Nancy Kelly

Nancy’s live performances are legendary. She has earned many awards and enlisted fans from around the globe. In a market place where wispy voices and shallow emotions abound, Ms. Kelly is a breath of fresh air…or should we say, smoky air; she takes us back to the time when jazz – and that includes vocal jazz -- was an authentic expression of real emotion.

Miss Jacqueline Jones

Captivating audiences with her voice, wit and showmanship comes naturally for the dynamic JACQUELINE JONES. At an early age, Jackie's heart was captured by the overwhelming desire to entertain, and when the talented Miss Jones is on stage -- whether in song or in playful banter with the audience -- her devotion to the fine art of entertaining shines through.


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