Musicians Featured at Heidi's Jazz Club

Special musicians perform for special occasions.


Len Bentley

Len Bentley finished his music and teaching degrees at Los Angeles State College. He embarked on a professional career on the West Coast and Hawaiian Islands
This profession linked him with other great show talents, like Dave and Ricki Nelson, the actor Bill Holden, Don Ho, Mickey Rooney, Chuck Mangione, Phil Harris and the Jerry Lewis telethon, to name a few.

Sally Hart

excerpt from wikipedia —

Sally Flynn is an American singer and musician (also known as Sally Hart) who was a featured performer on The Lawrence Welk Show television program.

A graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU), she and BYU classmate Sandi Griffiths joined the The Lawrence Welk Show in 1968 as the singing act of Sandi & Salli. The duo was very popular on the show until late 1972, when Sally left to pursue a solo career on Broadway.

Rich Walker

excerpt from artist website —

Guitarist/vocalist Rich Walker has been playing Jazz and Blues for thirty years, both on the road and in the Orlando area. In recent years, he has emerged as a leader, as an extraordinary soloist, and a very exciting Jazz/Blues vocalist.

Roseanna Vitro

excerpt from her official website biography -

Having toured the world as an esteemed performer, clinician, recording artist, vocal instructor and ambassador, she has proven herself a reigning member of the jazz community. Her collaborations, covering a wide range of music and stylistic directions, have been cited and celebrated, far and wide.

Allan Vache

excerpt from wikipedia -

Allan Vache (born December 16, 1953 in Rahway, New Jersey) is an American jazz clarinetist, and brother of the noted jazz cornetist Warren Vache.

Christian Tamburr

Christian Tamburr is a multi-instrumentalist, accomplished on the piano and trapset as well as world and orchestral percussion. However, his true talent is exhibited on his instrument of choice, the vibraphone. Confirmed when Downbeat Magazine awarded him "Outstanding Solo Jazz Performer". Christian currently leads the critically acclaimed Christian Tamburr Quartet, a four-piece acoustic jazz group. From 2006 till 2008 Christian toured around the world as pianist and musical director for Latin vocal legend Julio Iglesias.

Al Stevens

Al Stevens has been writing books and magazine articles for the past twenty-five years. His published works include fiction and computer programming and usage books. Here is Al's Amazon Author Page.

He was the C Programming Columnist for Dr. Dobb's Journal from 1988 until 2003.

Al is also a jazz musician with many performance and recording credits. He plays piano, string bass, trumpet, valve trombone, and saxophone.


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