House musicians

House musician perform frequently.

The Chief Cherry Quintet +

The Chief Cherry Quintet+ performs music composed between the 1930’s through current originals written by the group’s members. They specialize in Black American Music stylings of swing, bebop, hard bop, fusion, avant-garde and Latin jazz forms. They perform hits by much of the American songbook tradition as well. 

The Chief Cherry Quintet+ is lauded by the late Miles Davis’ younger brother, Joseph Haynes Davis as his favorite Central Florida jazz combo to listen to live. 

Connor Mahoney

Pianist Connor Mahoney is an accomplished pianist and composer and considers himself fortunate to have learned to play from top performers, including Ron Teixeira and Kenny Clarke while growing up on the Space Coast. He is a well-known face at the piano playing regularly with diverse groups such as the Cosmic Jazz Ensemble led by trumpeter and former astronaut Winston Scott, as well as Louisiana phenomena Sybil Gage and Her Merry Band of Royal Catahoulas.


Quote from musician's website:

Al Dodds

  Our bassist, Al Dodds, is a music teacher having taught instrumental music full-time at every educational level in private and public schools. He earned a Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music Education with emphasis in Jazz Studies degrees at University of North Texas, as well as studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston… 


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