Liquid Groove Project

connor-at-piano-1_400x400.jpgHeidi's Jazz Club presents the Liquid Groove Project

Wednesdays 7pm - 10pm
that are not otherwise scheduled (vacation, thanksgiving, special performance etc..)

Led by pianist Connor Mahoney, Liquid Groove Project is a collective of musicians dedicated to exploring the musical possibilities of traditional jazz and modern funk, soul, and popular

Connor is an accomplished pianist and composer and considers himself fortunate to have learned to play from top performers, including Ron Teixeira and Kenny Clarke while growing up on the Space Coast. He is a well-known face at the piano playing regularly with diverse groups such as the Cosmic Jazz Ensemble led by trumpeter and former astronaut Winston Scott, as well as Louisiana phenomena Sybil Gage and Her Merry Band of Royal


Liquid Groove Project at Heidi's Jazz Club on Wednesdays


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