Featured Performers

Looking for an amazing night out that's a little more sophisticated – and filled with top-notch jazz music?

We have live music by house musicians and featured performers, and Heidi's Open Jam Session on Sundays.

—Upcoming Performers—

Sybil Gage
Sybil Gage photo
(regular) 7-10pm
Steve Kirsner
Steve Kirsner
Fridays 6-9pm
if special show
after, 5-8pm.
Terry Myers
Terry Myers with Heidi's House Trio
w/ Heidi's House Trio
May 15
(Sat.) 7pm-11pm
Open Jam Sessions
Jam Session w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
Daniel Tenbusch Quartet
Daniel Tenbusch
May 19 & 26
(Wed) 7-pm-10pm
Hella ayelet gal
Hella ayelet gal
w/ Ron Teixeira Trio
May 8 & 22
(Sat.) 7-11pm
Ron Teixeira Trio
The Ron Teixeira Trio at Heidi's Jazz Club
The Chief Cherry Quintet +
The Chief Cherry Quintet +
June 2
(Wed) 7pm - 10pm